Hyun-Jun Lee is a US Army veteran who was injured in an accident, binding him to a wheelchair and sending him into depression. After leaving the hospital, he found solitude in The Salvation Army’s Transitional Living Center in West Los Angeles, California- The Haven. Over time he grew stronger both physically and spiritually and started gardening as part of his own approach to therapy. Despite some initial resistance, Hyun-Jun and his garden soon became instrumental to the positive ambience of the facility. Inspired by his story, The Home Depot teamed up with The Haven to further Hyun-Jun's project by renovating the rest of the outdoor area as well as the basement. Now, the veterans at The Haven spend a great deal of time in the tranquil surroundings of the garden worshipping, reading, and meditating on the love of Christ. Take some time to listen to Hyun-Jun’s personal story of how God has affected him, and witness the transformation of the garden which the veterans now appropriately deem “Sanctuary”.


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