Giving Las Vegas Hope

The Salvation Army's mission to preach the Gospel and meet needs in Jesus' name without discrimination is in evidence all across the city of Las Vegas. Not content to wait for people who are hungry or homeless to come to them, our team in Vegas takes to the streets to invite their neighbors in need back for a hot meal and a warm bed. Billboard ads, bus sides, trash cans and bus stops also help spread the word that The Salvation Army cares for the people of Vegas. The leader of our ministry in Southern Nevada, Major Kelly Pontsler thinks that speaking directly to the people the Army wants to reach - "street level, eye level" - will take down the barriers that keep people from coming in for help. In this video, you'll see the Army's latest innovation in advertising to specifically target the people we're committed to serving. Find out more about our work in Las Vegas at Or, find out how you can do good through The Salvation Army in your own community at


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