From the River Bottoms

Rick and Bobette seemed to be on the verge of destruction. Addicted to meth and living in a van down by the river with their 4 children, things seemed to be falling apart fast. After a grueling bout with trying to quit using cold turkey, nothing seemed to work until an epiphany at a shelter known as ‘The Depot’ caused Rick to begin questioning his life choices and his failure to provide for his family. That was it. Rick needed help and he needed it fast. A complete life change was required if he wanted to preserve everything he cared about; his children, his marriage, his sanity. 10 years clean, Rick’s life has never been the same, and although they’re not perfect, his and Bobette’s marriage has produced bright children and even a couple grandchildren. This story may sound unbelievable, but we want you to hear it from Rick and Bobette themselves. Watch this, process it, and share it if you think it’ll change someone’s life.


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