Fighting for the Kingdom

Scarred by a violent upbringing, Kim Gates once found herself in dire straits; a single-mother, unemployed, and on the verge of utter homelessness with no prospect of a job in sight. Growing up, fighting was apart of her DNA, as she watched her father beat and abuse her mother while encouraging her to carry out similar violent antics at school and amongst her siblings. As an adult, she found herself fighting to survive, and hanging on to the very thread of faith that brought her through some of the tough situations that she’d already faced in life. Relying on God’s promise to take care of her was all Kim really had to keep her encouraged through some of the darkest and loneliest times in her life. That reliance led to an open door, propelling her into the career of her dreams, and giving her the stability to take care of herself and her family the way she’d always hoped. Kim talks about her life and story in this triumphant look at God’s faithfulness despite the circumstances. If there’s someone in your life who’d be encouraged by this, please share and help spread this positive message of hope. For assistance, visit


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