The Salvation Army Vision Network (SAVN.tv) is an initiative of the The Salvation Army USA Western Territory that produces video content infused with messages of transformation and hope, designed to empower individuals to share the Gospel message with others via online and social networking platforms. SAVN aims to reach beyond traditional means of influence in order to tell the world about the physical, emotional and spiritual healing to be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


When you encounter any content online that you feel would point people towards Christ, share it through your social media channels. You can share it broadly with all of your friends, or directly with someone you know needs to hear a specific message. This can be done through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instragram, or by downloading videos directly from SAVN.tv to show in a more public setting. The more you share, the more likely the message is to be seen and understood by those who need to hear it most.

For more information on The Salvation Army USA, please visit http://salvationarmy.usawest.org/.

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